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EPDM Restoration

New Life for an Old Roof

Conklin Roofing Systems
Conklin formulated the first acrylic roof coating in 1977. Now we're taking our innovation to new heights by offering a complete waterproffing system for approved membranes. As TPO and other membranes become weathered, rooftops can crack, leak, and pick up dirt, dimminishing their effectiveness and energy-saving properties. Conklin's elastomeric coatings provide a new, cost-effective solution for repairing and preserving approved membranes, resulting in improved energy savings.

An approved membrane restored with a Conklin Roofing System will deliver all these benefits for years to come:
  • Stops leaks with superior waterproofing
  • Increases enegy efficiency and lowers utility expense with its cool, white, relfective surface.
  • Extends the life of your existing roof.

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Commercial & Industrial EPDM Roof
Restoration and Coating

  • Yutzy Roofing Service
    Before EPDM Roof Restoration
  • Yutzy Roofing Service
    During the EPDM Roof Restoration
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    The completed EPDM Roof Restoration

Recommended for application
over these membranes:
  • Aged TPO
    (Thermoplastic Olefin)
  • Aged PVC
    (Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • CSPE
    (Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene)
  • EPDM
    (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)
  • Modified Bitumen

The Roof Restoration & Coating Process

A Conklin White Roof is the Smartest Way to Stay in the Black

Conklin Roofing Systems

Recoup your costs

A great return on investment is another important reason to choose Conklin's Membrane Coating System. Many of our satisfied customers discover that a Conklin roof pays for itself during the warranty period in lower air conditioning costs. Federal tax rebates, tax credits and other deductions may also offset your investment. In many cases, the government considers recoating a procedure that can be deducted as a maintenance cost. Check with your local utility company, tax advisor, and www.energystar.gov for additional details.

Look forward to years of trouble-free protection, low maintenance

Conklin Roofing Systems provide leak-free protection and exceptional energy savings for years. They maintain maximum reflectivity and energy savings because their surfaces are resistant to dirt and discoloration. Annual or bi-annual cleaning is all that's needed to keep them white.

Yutzy Roofing Service will inspect your roof and advise you of the best way to restore the envelope of your building.
Call Yutzy Roofing Service today for your roof inspection!

Eliminate future roof tear-offs

Years from now, when it's time to renew the superior protection of your Conklin roof, a simple recoat by Yutzy Roofing Service will do the job. In most cases, multiple recoats can be done for the entire life of your roof, saving you the expense of a new roof. With your recoat, our material warranty may also be extended.

Enjoy peace of mind with our Warranty Program

Conklin's optional warranty program includes a non-pro-rated material warranty.

EPDM Roof Restoration and Roof Coating Service for all of Kansas

Yutzy Roofing Service provides Roof Restoration and Roof Coatings for the entire state of Kansas including Hutchinson KS , McPherson KS, Wichita KS, Salina KS , Manhattan KS Newton KS, Hays KS, Great Bend KS, Emporia KS ,Pratt KS, Derby KS, Wellington KS, Dodge City KS , Junction City KS, Hays KS, Derby KS, Augusta and surrounding communities!